Pool Party Invitation Wording 2022

pool party invitation wording

Everyone loves a pool party!

Here are some great pool party invitation wording ideas to kick off your summer partying.

If you’re throwing a birthday pool party for children you may want to include these details:

  • What to bring (swim suit, towel, goggles, floaties, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Whether or not a lifeguard will be on duty
  • Or what adult will be in the pool with the children
  • If the pool is at your home or a public pool

Pool Party Invitation Wording

#1: Let’s be cool
and hang out by the pool
Sip cold drinks
and enjoy the sun
Summer is here
so let’s have fun fun!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#2: Jump on in, the water’s cool
You’re invited to join the girls
and hang out by the pool!

Let’s celebrate Maya’s 8th Birthday!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#3: You’re invited to
Elisa Jasmine’s
5th Birthday
Splash Bash!

Join us on the water slide
at Elisa’s house
(33 Sunset Avenue)

Saturday, June 24th
at 3:30 PM

Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel!

[Add additional pool party details]​

#4: The sun is hot,
the water’s cool
Won’t you join us
at our pool?

[Add Pool Party Details]

#5: We’re Flip-Flopping
Around the Pool

Join us for a Barbecue

[Add Pool Party Details]

#6 Sam is turning eight!
Come splash with us and celebrate!
It’s a Pool Party!!!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#7: Splish Splash!
It’s a Summertime Bash!

Join us for a sizzlin’ hot Pool Party!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#8: Let’s make a splash for
Tristan’s 7th Birthday!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#9: Splish Splash!

Come get soaked
as we swim and play
We’re celebrating

Audrey’s 6th Birthday!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#10: Hey Girls!
Come and take the plunge
in the summer sun!
Bring your suits & a towel!

[Add Pool Party Details]

#11: The weather outside may be frightful
but the indoor pool will be delightful…

Join us at Angela’s Pool Party

[Add Pool Party Details]

#12: Splish Splash
at Jimmy’s Pool Party Bash!

Join us for some fun in the sun!

[Add Pool Party Details]

Do you have any fun pool party invitation wording wording ideas? I would love to post them! Send them to me here or leave a comment below!

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