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Meet Rose and Or. They had a brilliant idea for their wedding invitations, and with the help of Rose’s MOH who is also an awesome photographer, they created these amazing post-apocalyptic wedding photos. I’ll let Rose explain…

“My fiance and I like zombie stuff (I, um, LOVE it). Earlier in the year I participated in a half marathon that followed a bike trail. Along the bike trail was this giant abandoned factory. I *knew* it would be an awesome backdrop for a photoshoot, but I didn’t know for what. Fast forward a few months, and the fiance and I are brainstorming invitations. We knew we wanted a movie poster. We were initially thinking something that mimicked The Princess Bride’s poster, since it’s our favorite love story. Then I had a flash of insight. Post Apocalyptic Survival Movie! I went out and found an old wedding dress (Salvation Army: $30). My finace found a long leather duster jacket (Out Of The Closet Thrift Store: $50 — a big splurge). Everything else (fake guns, goggles, machetes, Or’s shirt, the books) was all stuff we already owned. We packed everything up and headed off the photo shoot site. It was a fun, amazing day. We alternated between roll playing and just making googly eyes at each other. And then Or took the pictures from the session and made the raddest invitations ever.”

First a few more amazing photos before I show you their creative invitations…

The book that Rose is reading, The Zen of Zombie, was actually written by a friend of hers.

I love the props in this shot and that the sleeves of the wedding dress apparently became a casualty of war.

And here is the movie poster-like invitations/flyers that they sent out using the photos…

For more photos from this post-apocalyptic wedding shoot head over to Of Whimsy Photography’s blog.

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