Prom dresses make daring wedding gowns

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I’m all for white dresses, red dresses, blue dresses, purple dresses, but ZOMG I actually gasped out loud when I saw this picture of Kelly Devoto‘s fantastical colorful peacock-y wedding dress — which it turns out was actually designed to be a prom dress.

Seriously, it’s like a My Little Pony and Tinkerbell totally got it on nasty-style in a magical rhinestone shop and this dress was their sparkling bastard love child. And I mean that in the very best possible way! I’m totally in love.

I’ve got a detail shot of the bodice and bouquet below, along with the bride’s story of where she got the dress.

kelly devoto and groom

Kelly says:

Kelly Devoto (2)

I got my dress in downtown Los Angeles at this huge dress shop called “Trendy Too” (lol). They sell dresses primarily for quinceaneras and proms.The brand is Mori Lee, and my dress was part of the 2007 prom collection. They only had one of that particular dress at good old Trendy Too, it was way too big for me — but luckily my grandma is an amazing seamstress and worked her magic on it.

This was the first and only dress I tried on. I just knew it was THE ONE!! The dress was the first thing I got for my wedding (besides the groom, of course) so once I had that, I picked out all the decorations to match the 3 colors of the dress: bright purple, electric blue, and honeydew melon green.

[related-post]So, the secret to a colorful, fanciful, totally over-the-top wedding gown? PROM DRESSES! Folks who’ve read my book know that I’m biased toward prom dresses: the bright green skirt overlay from my wedding dress was made from an old prom dress I bought on eBay.

Here are a couple more shots of Kelly in her dress:





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