Ringing bearers: for weddings with lots of children

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That’s cool. I’m skipping the bridesmaids stuff altogether but thought a nice compromise would be to ask 2 good friends’ daughters, whom I’ve known all their lives, to participate. I’ve just been thinking about having them walk through our pre-ceremony cocktail gathering ringing big old bells (not little tinkly princessy ones) so as to get everyone’s attention and point the way to the spot where we’ll be.

As a 40-yr-old bride I will be feeling like a nervous and awkward kid myself, so I’m sort of looking forward to bonding with the kids before our respective big moments. I’m thinking they’re old enough to get the bonding thing, while young and girly enough to enjoy the attention. And the moms/would-be bridesmaids get me enough to know why I’m not doing b-maids.

Maybe there’s a way to spread the fun to the other kids at the wedding…give ’em all little bells later, or something.

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