Signs that Your Engagement Ring Needs to be Resized

You’re engaged! Congratulations! But oh no, your beautiful ring doesn’t fit. Don’t panic. Ring resizing is a simple and easy process that can be taken care of by professional jewelers. Here’s what to know about ring sizing issues and how the process works. 

How Do You Know If You Need to Have Your Engagement Ring Resized?

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The clearest sign that you need your engagement ring resized is that it simply doesn’t fit. If you are unable to get the ring on your finger, you need to have it adjusted. Sometimes, you may be able to get it on, but it is uncomfortably tight or even hurts your finger as you wear it. This will depend on you. If you prefer a tighter fit so you’re sure it won’t slide off, then maybe it’s just right. If you think it will bother you over time, it’s a good idea to resize it. You want to enjoy wearing your engagement ring, not be bugged by it. 

If your ring is loose, this is more of a security than a comfort issue. Even if you think the ring fits, if it comes off with little to no effort, it’s likely too big. A ring that constantly spins on your finger is probably too loose and can lead to damage to the diamonds. A loose ring is easily lost if it can slip off your finger while going about your day. 

This is important to keep in mind if you’ll be swimming in a pool or any body of water. Rings tend to come off more easily when your hands are wet, especially if they are in cold water. If your ring typically fits well but you notice it’s a little loose in the water, you probably don’t want to resize it, just take it off and put it somewhere safe while you swim.

In some cases, your ring might only be too tight or too loose for a short or certain period. In the heat of summer, rings are typically tighter as our bodies retain water to stay hydrated. The opposite is true during cold winters. Don’t resize your ring if you think your fit issue is related to temporary temperature changes. 

During pregnancy, women can experience swelling in their hands and feet. This typically goes away soon after the baby is born, so you wouldn’t want to resize your ring if it’s tight because of pregnancy. Many pregnant women will simply wear their engagement rings and other rings like wedding or anniversary bands on a high-quality chain around their neck. 

What’s Involved in the Resizing Process?

If you decide to have your ring resized, you’ll need to say goodbye to it for just a short time. Take it to your trusted local jeweler and have them fit you for the proper sizing. Jewelers are well-accustomed to issues with ring sizing, so they will be able to advise you if you’re unsure of what size you need. 

Once you’ve settled on the perfect size, the jeweler will either send the ring off to their goldsmith or some, like Hustedt Jewelers, have a goldsmith in house. Making an engagement ring smaller is typically a simple process as the goldsmith will cut a piece of the band away and then solder it together again. 

A ring that needs to be larger might face a more complicated process. The goldsmith will either stretch the metal or add a piece of metal to the ring. Stretching the ring is the easiest process, but it is only an option if you need the ring up to half a size bigger. A skilled goldsmith will leave no signs of the process behind. 

How Long Does Resizing Take?

If a ring is sent away to an off-site goldsmith, it will probably take about two weeks before you can pick it up at the jeweler again. Goldsmiths who work at the jewelry store typically work a bit quicker. If you’re in a hurry, look for a jeweler with an on-site goldsmith. 

What Will Resizing Cost Me?

Many jewelers offer free resizing services if you purchased the ring from that same jeweler. Others might require a warranty or insurance purchase to include cost-free resizing services over the life of the warranty. If you’re taking a ring to a jeweler simply to be resized without making a purchase, you could pay anywhere from $20 to a couple of hundred dollars. It all depends on how complicated the sizing process will be. If the ring has an intricate design or is a challenging metal to worth with, it may cost you more than the simple resizing of a plain band. 

Can Any Engagement Ring Be Resized?

Engagement rings with simple band designs can usually be resized without much issue. If your ring is made of a metal that’s tough to work with, like rose gold, titanium, or tungsten, you might not be able to have it resized or it might cost you extra. If your diamond is set in an eternity band, you might also face some difficulties. Because eternity bands feature diamonds all around the band, there’s no bare metal area for the jeweler to work with. 

In some cases, a jeweler might be willing to work with you on redesigning your ring to make it possible to change the size, especially if it’s too small. If your ring is too loose and cannot be resized, consider adding a smaller, tighter ring to your set and wear it over the engagement ring to hold it in place. Some jewelers can also solder metal bumps into the inside part of the ring to make it tighter without changing the band at all. 

Hustedt Jewelers is the perfect place to go for any ring resizing needs. They offer a wide range of jewelry services, high-quality rings, diamonds, and watches, as well as exceptional service. Stop by for a look at their collection or to discuss the fit of your engagement ring. 

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Signs that Your Engagement Ring Needs to be Resized
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