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Taylor & Hart Proposal Ring

Taylor & Hart Proposal Rings are here to save the day! You may be asking yourself- “what exactly is a proposal ring”?? According to the design pros at Taylor & Hart, it’s the latest thing to hit the proposal scene and they’re only growing in popularity. The idea is this – if you’re unsure about the perfect size, shape, or stone for your partner’s engagement ring, you can pop the question with a placeholder proposal ring, and then, design the perfect long term ring together! They share:

Proposal rings take away the guesswork and let you focus on love. They’re like an understudy to your engagement ring: the perfect stand-in until you’re ready to come back and design a diamond engagement ring together.

Are you ready to see the four dainty designs? Let’s go!


Taylor & Hart Proposal Rings

The idea behind Taylor & Hart Proposal rings is that you can keep the engagement a romantic surprise, and then share in the joy of designing the perfect ring together:

From an unexpected getaway to a ring box tucked away in a coat pocket, engagements are about the thrill of surprise. But more and more, couples choose to design their engagement ring together.

Taylor & Hart Proposal Ring: Marrakesh

Placeholder Engagement Ring Taylor & Hart

Marrakesh is designed in the classic Trilogy set which represents Past, Present and Future. It’s always an ultra romantic choice!


Taylor & Hart Proposal Rings

So what happens after the proposal?? You and your new fiancé can head back to the Taylor & Hart site and design a custom, dream engagement ring together! Choose the setting, the stone, the size, everything! They make it super easy. There’s also a inspiration gallery of rings other couples have designed in the past.

Once you’ve found your engagement ring, why not wear your proposal ring on your right hand to commemorate your journey as a couple? Or incorporate it into your wedding jewellery to tell your love story on the big day. If you don’t want to keep wearing it on your ring finger, these beauties also make great stacking rings if you want to keep up with the latest styles.

Taylor & Hart Proposal Ring: Florence

Placeholder Engagement Ring Taylor & Hart

Florence is a miniature engagement ring pendant. How cute would this be to incorporate into your wedding day jewelry??

Taylor & Hart Proposal Rings

Isn’t that engagement necklace stunning?? We know how much thought and love goes into the engagement planning process, so we think the Taylor & Hart Proposal Ring Collection is the PERFECT way to have the dream ring, the dream engagement and the dream experience. Which of these dainty pieces is your favorite? Tell us down in the comments!

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