The $100 wedding videography hack from Storymix Media

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Storymix Media is basically flipping the concept of a wedding videographer AND helping you to save some dough at the same time with My Flip Wedding.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Rent one (or more) Flip cameras from them.
  2. Get your friends and family to capture some footage (you know, the kind of footage and only your friends and family can truly get).
  3. Send the cameras back to Storymix Media.
  4. Get back a professionally edited wedding video!

Here’s what it looks like when winners of the My Flip Wedding contest, Heather and Spencer, filmed their own wedding video:

Ready for the bestest part? All of that will only cost you $99.99. Of course they have different packages that include different things (more Flip cameras, use your own cameras, custom themes, and extra DVDs…) so you’re free to add and strip down, based on your budget. But a hundred bucks for a wedding video is all sorts of rad.

Storymix Media can also create video Save the Dates and cute slideshows using your wedding photos, as well. But it’s the My Flip Weddings that are going to allow you and your friends capture your best wedding memories, and give you a polished finished product.

Speaking of polished finished product… CONGRATS to the winners of the My Flip Wedding contest we brought to you in April. Heather and Spencer, your video is all kinds of awesome! 🙂

So if you want a nice video from your wedding, but you only have $100 to spend, hook up with Storymix Media!

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