The mother of all “Oh-Shit!” Kits, featuring the Decormergency Kit

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I took my years in the theatre, a stint in event-planning, and the combined ingenuity of Megan and (seemingly the entire) Offbeat Bride community on this post, and I compiled the Mother of All “Oh Shit!” Kits stock lists.

Here it is — all in one place, for your handily-wedding bliss — and I promise that they can all fit into a regulation medium-sized toolbox — I have done it with my own hands!

“Oh Shit!” kit #1: The ultimate wedding survival kit


“Oh-Shit!” kit 2: Decormergency

Tips for both kits

  • Assemble them a few days before the wedding, save your receipts and return whatever you don’t open if you won’t use it.
  • List the contents of the kit clearly on the OUTSIDE of the container.
  • Tell EVERYONE where it is, and make it visible enough for them to see it in an emergency.
  • Bring it with you from where you’re getting ready! Don’t forget it — it’s no use to anyone if it’s not where the party is!

Okay guys, back me up: what’d I forget?

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