There Will Always Be Flowers; Floral Ideas for Mother’s Day and Beyond, From Our Little Book Wedding Directory Members

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Darling readers, I need to tell you that our usual schedule has been pretty much ripped up and tossed out the window, in light of all the current global disruption taking place.

But please do not worry – we’ll be publishing real, beautiful, inspirational and heart-warming weddings every single day (today’s will go live a little later on). We will also however be sharing as much helpful, upbeat and inspiring content that highlights the work of our beloved Little Book Wedding Directory members.

These suppliers, just like you, are going through a tough time facing income uncertainties and worrying about their livelihoods. It means everything to me to support these businesses at this time.

Of course, it’s mothers day on Sunday and beautiful blooms typically play a big part in this day. If you’re not able to make a delivery in person right now or if you’d like something to brighten someone’s days beyond this weekend, we hope this piece provides some inspiration. Thank you to the three brilliant florists who contributed their excellent advice to this article.

Remember dear friends, there will always be flowers.

Paper Flowers, by Ginger & Flynn

As an ethical florist, I mix my time working with real flowers but gain a great deal of joy from handcrafting my own blooms too. Paper flowers provide an ethical and timeless option for flower lovers. All the flowers you see below, I have crafted from paper. Some people say they look more real than the real ones themselves!

Paper flowers make a lovely gift – passing on something that has been so lovingly and painstakingly hand-crafted is just as special and and thoughtful an intention as gifting someone with real flowers. And the benefit of course is that paper flowers never wilt or die.

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(Images by Zach & Grace of LMD Collective)

Supermarket Flowers, Potted Plants & Spring Wreaths, by Blue Sky Flowers

If you’re looking for flowers, tulips are great right now, all the bright colours are coming in and whilst they do grow in the vase – just watch them! – they keep on giving an improving for days, often over a week.

To make a bunch of supermarket flowers that bit more special, add a great box of chocolates. Really, supermarket flowers have improved recently but they’re still not that reliable so go to your high street florist, they need you now more than ever and, if you don’t want to or can’t go out, then call them and they’ll happily make delivery arrangements with you.

If you are concerned about your weddings plans due to global disruption, please visit our resource for brides & wedding suppliers

Also, think about potted plants or flowering plants as these might well be able to brighten someone’s period at home. Some paperwhite narcissi or tulips will give a good show and the smell is amazing. Most high street florists will have something already potted up for you to just take away or, again, have delivered.

I’d recommend any of these high street florists – Mad Lilies on Banstead High Street (01737 356404), Wild Flowers in Standish, Wigan (01257 423111), Wheelers of Turnham Green in London (020 8747 9505), Lakes n Rivers in Liverpool ([email protected]), Gigil & Bloom in Nottingham (01636 919675) and Leafy Couture in Yorkshire (07974 089122).

Lastly, if you’re able to get or make a spring wreath for your door, add some little bulbs to it, such as mini daffs or muscari (mini hyacinths) and it will keep changing and flowering for ages, probably through to Easter.

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Sowing Seeds in Spring

We are strongly in favour of flower love as a way to cheer people up and we’re currently buoyed along massively by the daffodils outside our window.

This is the perfect time of year to start sowing seeds and grow some flowers for enjoyment throughout the summer – it’s a great activity if you are stuck at home, or need to entertain children at the weekends with sports clubs etc all curtailed.

One of the easiest flowers to grow are cornflowers – British wildflowers that are great for bees and also make lovely cut flower posies. We grow them here on the farm and pick them to become our wildflower confetti petals. The classic blue cornflower is our bluebell Wildflower Confetti.

Seeds are widely available online, at garden centres, supermarkets and shops like Wilko, and are pretty inexpensive. Simply follow the instructions on the packet and sow in your garden or in pots and window boxes.  You could even buy a selection of seeds for your Mum, to slip inside her card on Sunday, and she could cultivate a beautiful spread of colour come summer!

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