Vintage-ish shoes for your 1920s-styled wedding

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If you’re going for a wedding feel that’s like a cross between “dusty” and “glitter,” this is totally the shoe post for you.

This week, I’m going to nose around in that delicious aesthetic sweet-spot between vintage and glam, between rustic and chic, between glitz and hay bales. Most of these are in the 1920s flavor of vintage. (If Great Gastsby-era is your jam, be sure to check our 1920s archive!)

We can start with these shoes to the left. One reviewer on ModCloth said: “I wore these shoes on my wedding day, and they were perfect! We had a 1920s/1930s theme going on and the shoes fit into it pretty well. They are definitely a unique shoe for a wedding, but I would definitely recommend them because they’re SO comfortable! I didn’t feel the need to take them off for the reception!” All that for $40? Yes.






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