What Happens in a Divorce Case When One Party Is Disabled?

As we have discussed many times, no two divorces are exactly alike. Every couple has their own unique circumstances and factors that must be taken into account by the courts and their family law professionals during a divorce. For instance, how can a divorce settlement be affected if one of the parties is disabled? During a recent discussion with Axel & Southside on Rock 100.5, our managing partner Jarrod Oxendine discusses this very subject.

Disability can affect divorce in many ways. The presence of a disability can weigh heavily on a judge’s mind when taking into account the reason for the divorce, potential post-divorce asset allocation, future alimony payments, and more. In the clip below, Jarrod Oxendine goes into detail on how legal strategies may fluctuate in cases where one of the parties is disabled. Additionally, they take time to discuss Jarrod’s experience with celebrity divorce and how fame and fortune can also impact a settlement.

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What Happens in a Divorce Case When One Party Is Disabled?
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