What if my wedding sucks?

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We planned our wedding in 4 months, in my mom’s backyard, and kept everything as simple as possible. I wasn’t nervous at all, it just seemed like we were having a family party. Then…. the weather ended up being in the 40s! We had a tent, but the plan was to have most of the activity take place outside. Every guest I spoke to commented on how cold it was. I was crushed, I thought “great all they’re going to remember about my wedding is that they were freezing.” Because of the cold, people started to gather around the bonfire, which actually created a GREAT party atmosphere and no one felt the cold anymore. It was really unexpected and probably wouldn’t have happened if the weather was warmer.

Just as I was starting to get into the party groove… I tripped over the wood cart and hurt my arm REALLY bad – I thought it was broken 🙁 I sobbed my way back into the house, the pain was unbearable! The decision was made (by my 2 cousins who are dentists haha) that I needed to go to the ER. NO!!!! How could this be happening? Why couldn’t I just have a nice quiet wedding?? My husband of only a few short hours had to change me (not really the sexist way to reveal my wedding undies) and help me to the car. I was leaving my reception just as the party was kicking off. Thankfully we were in a smallish town and my mom is very vocal so we were pushed through the ER in an hour or so. I didn’t break a bone, but they were pretty sure I tore a muscle. I was sent home with some vicodin, still sobbing from the pain. When we got back to our wedding most of the guests had left. There were only a few family members still standing and they were pretty wobbly. My husband and I were sober and bummed. I thought as far as weddings go… this one really sucked!

The next day my arm was purple and blue and it swelled up to double its size. I was now the solitary guest at my very own pity party. An MRI later revealed that I had torn and shredded most of the muscles in my arm and tore the main ligament as well. My arm was in a sling for our honeymoon and hurt the whole time, which kept us from doing pretty much anything. Then came 3 months of intense physical therapy and the possiblity of surgery is still looming.

But this isn’t a doom and gloom story… my “ruined” wedding turned out to be anything but:
1. For months, my guests have been RAVING about what a great time they had. Some even sent notes or emails thanking us for inviting them. Any time the topic of our wedding comes up, everyone smiles as they remember it. I guess the bride and groom being there isn’t a requirement for having a good time. haha.
2. My husband is there for better or worse and he proved it. Did I mention that he had to bathe and dress me for almost 2 weeks? He missed hanging out with all of his friends, didn’t get to party, had to calm a hysterical wife and couldn’t have been sweeter. Who needs vows. (cute moment: as we were leaving for the ER my little brother kept saying “sickness and health” he thought it was cool that it was really coming true)
3. In the midst of my month long pitty party, I walked past a woman who had a physcial disability which limited her mobility. It made me feel really silly for being so upset about my busted arm, which would eventually heal. Compared to a life in a wheelchair – is it really such a tragedy to have a party that everyone loved, but you couldn’t completely enjoy but you still got a husband in the process?

Did we forget some details? – Yes
Did plans change unexpectedly? – Yes
Was this the wedding of my dreams? – I could never have even imagined my wedding turning out like this
Am I in love with a great man? – Absolutely

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